General Business Plan


Right Step’s General Business Plan is adaptable to any business situation. The Plan, as developed will work for business start-ups, business loans, and for those seeking investment business funding.  Creating a new business plan from scratch can waste valuable time and money. The primary benefit of using this plan is the rate of successful plan completion and implementation. The plan allows you to simply edit or add your desired information. Therefore, this boosts efficiency. consequently, all you have to focus on is the actual data necessary for your specific industry. Additionally, the Plan helps you too define your ideas, industry research and explain the concepts of the business.




Here’s is a quick look at what you are going to receive! 

Business Plan Includes: Executive Summary, Organization Plan, Products and Services

Marketing Plan Includes SWOT analysis, Methods used to contact the target market, Marketing Plan
No Fluff Marketing Plan, Where Can I Get A Customer Today? Where Can I Get A Customer Tomorrow?
How Can I Make Marketing Items?, How Should Your Marketing Week Look?

Excel Financials Include: Industry Specific Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Income Statement

Business Startup Video Checklist Includes: Business Formation Setup, Financial Setup, Business Setup, Marketing Setup, Operations Setup, Business Operations

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