Food Truck Business Idea


Food Truck business idea.  Food trucks serve an estimated 2.5 billion people daily. It is a business that is here to stay.  Let’s get your Food Truck cooking!  Finally, this package offers startup tools that are the perfect resource for anyone setting up a food truck business.

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Here’s is a quick look at what you are going to receive! 

Business Plan Includes: Executive Summary, Organization Plan, Products and Services

Marketing Plan Includes: SWOT analysis, Methods used to contact the target market, Marketing Plan
No Fluff Marketing Plan, Where Can I Get A Customer Today?,Where Can I Get A Customer Tomorrow?
How Can I Make Marketing Items?, How Should Your Marketing Week Look?

Excel Financials Include: Industry Specific Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Income Statement

Business Startup Video Check list Includes: Business Formation Setup, Financial Setup,Business Setup, Marketing Setup, Operations Setup, Business Operations

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