Business Checklist and Video


We understand the frustration of not wanting to work for anyone else. But not knowing exactly what business to start or unable to afford the startup costs can be a barrier. We developed the Business Startup Check and video was developed to reduce these frustrations and provide you with a handy all in one place document that you will need to set up your business to be successful.  The Video Covers:

  • Business Formation Setup
  • Financial Setup
  • Business Setup
  • Marketing Setup
  • Operations Setup
  • Business Operations

The checklist is editable so that you can add additional sections as you see fit.  the checklist and the video help you get your business operational in no more than 90 days from the date of your purchase. You won’t find a product with this information anywhere!

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Business Checklist and Video

Right Step understands your difficulty, so we developed the Business Checklist and video. The business startup checklist video explains with step by step instructions everything you will need to set up your business successfully.

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