Plumbing Business Startup Kit

A Plumbing Business Startup Kit, is what you need to start your own business. In fact, becoming self-employed is a goal for many want-to-be entrepreneurs. Moreover, the ability to set your own hours, to determine the type of work that you do and earn your income as you wish is a freedom many consider worth pursuing. Finally, we’ve created videos that start your business up, market to your clients and financials that help you manage your money. As a result, all you need is to be willing to learn and put a little elbow grease into your business selection.

Plumbing Business Startup Video

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The Plumbing Business Startup Kit was designed to get you into business. With this in mind, If you are good in installing, replacing or fixing plumbing fixtures to enable them function properly in your home and those of your friends or family members, then you might need to consider going into plumbing as a business.

In Fact, Plumbing is a service that is seemingly always in demand and has been described by some as a “recession-proof” industry. Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing industry is growing at a much faster rate than average. More importantly, many business owners in the field are reaching retirement age, leaving opportunities for more entrepreneurs to break into the industry. Finally, even providing part time plumbing services can be very profitable.

Let’s get you plumbing.

Business Startup Kit Includes:

  • Startup Business  Checklist
  • Video Business Startup 
  • Industry Specific Business Plans
  • Marketing Plan
  • Industry Specific Excel Financials; Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss 

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