Packing/Unpacking Startup Idea

A Packing Unpacking Business is an awesome Startup idea. In all honesty, starting your own business may seem to be an intimidating prospect but with a bit of hard work, and lots of creativity, this business can easily turn into a highly profitable venture. In fact, becoming self-employed is a goal for many want-to-be entrepreneurs. Moreover, the ability to set your own hours, to determine the type of work that you do and earn your income as you wish is a freedom many consider worth pursuing.  For this reason, we’ve created videos that start your business up, market to your clients and financials that help you manage your money. As a result, all you need is to be willing to learn and put a little elbow grease into your business selection. 

Packing Unpacking Business Startup Video

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The Packing – Unpacking Business Startup Kit is designed to get you into business. In Fact, Packing – Unpacking services are in high demand by busy professionals who can’t afford to take time off work to move, and seniors who need your strength and organization skills. To illustrate, the idea is that, on moving day, your client comes home to find everything unpacked, put away, plugged in and the house generally ready to live in (including made beds). Delightfully, you don’t have to load or unload the truck!

More importantly, a Packing/ Unpacking startup business is ideal for people who already have full-time jobs or other responsibilities because you can work around your schedule. Additionally, you can start out working part time.  Also, many individuals need packing and unpacking services on the weekends or in the evenings when they are home from work.

in contrast, unlike many other businesses, you don’t need advanced skills to start a packing/unpacking business. So long as, you are organized, efficient and detail oriented. After all, you’ll be folding, organizing, labeling and packing the people’s belongings. Finally, this is truly a shoestring start-up.

Let’s get you packing!

Business Startup Kit Includes:

  • Startup Business  Checklist
  • Video Business Startup 
  • Industry Specific Business Plans
  • Marketing Plan
  • Industry Specific Excel Financials; Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss 

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